Magazine Tips

A Mind Map to Online Audience Optimization for Publishers

Learn more about Online Audience Optimization through our OAO Mind Map!

How to Create a Successful Magazine Cover (Infographic)

For successful newsstand sales, a strong cover is key. Your cover is what draws the reader in, and communicates your style and content before your publication is opened.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your Title

If you keep these simple points in mind, newsstand success is within your grasp.

Cover Design Tips

Guidelines to a successful cover design.

Newsstand Launch Faux-Pas

Five things you should not do.

Pricing Strategies for Newsstand Success

When considering your cover price strategy, remember these important points.

Publication of UPC Codes

Guidelines for correct use of UPC Codes.

Single Copy Sales Can Work for You

There are a number of benefits to single copy sales that should be remembered when planning and allocating resources.

Tip of the Week from PSCS

Keep your UPCs for use from year to year.

Some publishers order new UPC film on a year-by-year basis, but for a monthly or bi-monthly publisher it saves money and reduces the possibility of error to use the same film year after year. Because magazines with a quarterly, annual, or semi-annual frequency include the year in the issue code, those publishers must re-order their UPCs.