Improve Your Magazines' Newsstand Sales and Profitability

An effective distribution is the basis of your magazine's sales. PSCS can work to both increase and refine your distribution into key retailers in the markets across the country.

Increase web traffic, multiply your conversion rate, and improve your revenue flow

PSCS can help you with your underlying web strategy through content management, e-marketing, conversion architecture, and SEO to create an effective and profitable web strategy.

Expand Your Reach Through Optimizing Your Mobile and Social Media

Creating the connection between your Mobile/Social Media will help build relationships and increase customer loyalty. PSCS can optimize your SEO and make recommendations to improve your Mobile Site and Social Media connections.

Ways to Win Series by Linda Ruth

In the Ways to Win Series, Linda Ruth shares her vast magazine publishing knowledge of Newsstand Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization through explanations, tips and case studies.


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