Q: I would like PSCS to assess the viability of my title on the newsstand. What information do you need from me?

A: Please send us the following information: your cover price, frequency, category, editorial focus, number of pages, cover and inside paper stock, and color used inside and on the cover. In addition, please send copies of the last 3-4 issues published. We will review the information and set up a time to talk about what we can do for you.

Q: I think my title could sell well overseas, but I'm concerned about the costs of an international launch. Isn't it too expensive to distribute overseas?

A: Actually, because shipping is paid for by the international wholesalers, and because RDA is not a factor overseas, you will likely realize more revenue on internationally-sold copies than on domestics sales. While potential will vary from title to title and from category to category, it is worth looking into the possiblity of international sales; you might find that it works for you.

Q: I am launching a new title on the newsstand. What advice can you give me about my cover price?

A: While title demographics and category pricing play an important role in your decision, there are a few other things you should take into consideration as well. The average magazine cover price has increased over the years, and special interest titles that offer sufficient value can charge more than they have in the past. Remember that five dollars is still an "avalanche point"--a point at which sales drop off precipitously, often too much to be offset by the additional revenue gained per copy sold. Remember too, that value is of more importance than price: better to launch a 120-page magazine at $4.99 than a 64-page magazine at $2.99.

Q: What is an ISSN and what purpose does it serve?

A. The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is an internationally accepted code for the identification of periodicals. While it is not necessary, as the UPC code is, for domestic newsstand distribution, publishers wishing to distribute in the U.K. will need one.

Q: Where can I get a UPC code?

A. Your distributor can provide one, or you can apply directly to Bipad, Inc. (www.bipad.com).